Corporate Partners

The Centre for Implant and Radiosterometric Research Oslo (CIRRO) is arranging the 7th international RSA-congress in Oslo 2021 on behalf of the international RSA society. Former biannual congresses attracted approximately 100-120 researchers, clinicians and imaging experts from all over the world. Amongst them are many key opinion leaders because of the central role of RSA for the implant market. The congress has earlier been hosted at renowned clinical institutions in Lund, Halifax, Bologna, Adelaide and at the latest in Århus.

As the COVID-19 crisis still inflicts our close future, and to ensure the safety to everybody, we have decided to organize this congress virtually. Our endeavor to propel research and education in our field shall not be halted by this virus! Our solution will also give many more people around the globe the chance to participate at a lower cost.

The topic of the congress is:
”Imaging technology for safe implants and surgery for our patients”.

I hope you find our congress and its theme interesting enough to support us. See the official corporate partner invitation letter for more information or should you have any further question, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Deadline for sponsorship is 15. April 2021.

Stephan Maximillian Röhrl

Orthopaedic consultant, MD. PhD
Oslo University Hospital, Norway