Program Monday May 10

Check in & Welcome
7:00 Halifax / 12:00 Oslo / 19:30 Adelaide

ChairStephan Röhrl
Stephan RöhrlWelcome

Session 1: Hip
7:20 Halifax / 12:20 Oslo / 19:50 Adelaide

ChairStephan Röhrl & Lars Nordsletten (ABSTRACTS)
1 KokA 2-year model-based Roentgen Stereophotogrammetry Analysis (RSA) Randomized Control Trial evaluating the stability of the cementless Taperloc hip stem
2 PolusImpact of Implant Design on Femoral Stem Migration Following Direct Anterior and Direct Lateral Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
3 JonssonThe early migration behavior of the collared Corail femoral stem
4 RilbyRandomized controlled trial comparing the CFP with the Corail stem, a five-year report
5 BuddeVery early migration of a neck preserving short stem – What happens between surgery and first weight bearing?
6 RilbySimilar clinical results and migration with use of either a new anteverted or a straight standard stem after 2 years: randomized study of 72 Total Hip Arthroplasties (THAs) evaluated with clinical parameters, radiostereometry and DXA up to 2 years

Key note: Control is for Beginners. Teamwork when every day is different
7:55 Halifax / 12:55 Oslo / 20:25 Adelaide

Jazzcode – Carl StørmerControl is for Beginners. Teamwork when every day is different

Break / Industry
8:15 Halifax / 13:15 Oslo / 20:45 Adelaide

Break / Industry

Session 2: Knee
8:20 Halifax / 13:20 Oslo / 20:50 Adelaide

ChairLeif Ryd & Finnur Snorrason (ABSTRACTS)
7 ChristenssonMigration comparison between medial congruent and cruciate retaining tibial components in TKA. A randomized controlled trial followed with Radiostereometry for 2 years.
8 ØhrnEvaluation of early migration of a medially stabilized arthroplasty as a predictor of long time survivorship
9 HasanPatients with a continuously migrating total knee arthroplasty do not have inferior patient reported outcome scores – 10-year follow-up of 5 randomized controlled trials using radiostereometric analysis
10 HasanStabilization Of Continuous Migrating Tibial Components Between Two And Five Years: The Need For Longer Term Follow-Up In RSA Studies
11 KosterA symmetrical or asymmetrical tibial component total knee replacement 2-year RSA migration results of a randomized controlled trial
12 LaendePost-operative Varus Alignment does not increase Tibial Component Migration in Total Knee Arthroplasty
13 RichardsonPosterior Tibial Slope not Associated with Implant Migration following Total Knee Arthroplasty

Session 3: Deep Learning
9:00 Halifax / 14:00 Oslo / 21:30 Adelaide

ChairMaiken Stilling & Sepp de Raedt (ABSTRACTS)
14 PatellAutomated identification of orthopedic implants in radiographs using deep learning
15 LaendeUnsupervised Machine Learning to Identify Implant Migration and Patient Demographic Profiles in Total Knee Arthroplasty
16 BaronetteDeep Learning-Based Reconstruction for Sparse-View Cone-Beam Computed Tomography to Assess Implant Migration
17 JensenAccuracy of an Autonomous Method for Extracting 3D Knee Replacement Kinematics from Dynamic Single Plane Fluoroscopic Images

General Assembly
9:25 Halifax / 14:25 Oslo / 21:55 Adelaide

General Assembly International RSA Society

ZOOM social time
10:00 Halifax / 15:00 Oslo / 22:30 Adelaide

End of day 1. Some time to socialize and drink some thee, coffee or beer!