Program Wednesday May 12

Check in & Welcome
7:00 Halifax / 12:00 Oslo / 19:30 Adelaide

ChairStephan Röhrl
Stephan RöhrlWelcome day 3

Session 8: Kinematics
7:16 Halifax / 12:16 Oslo / 19:46 Adelaide

ChairBart Kaptein & Frank David Øhrn (ABSTRACTS)
39 PetersenPatients with knee osteoarthritis can be divided in subgroups based on tibiofemoral joint kinematic clustering of gait – An exploratory and dynamic radiostereometric study
40 ZinnoKinematical comparison between ultra-congruent and posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasty: dynamic RSA study
41 AlesiA positive correlation exists between intra- and post-operative kinematics of a Posterior Stabilized total knee arthroplasty: preliminary analysis
42 DowningThree months migration and inducible movement predict two years migration and interface radiolucency in a cemented glenoid primary total shoulder arthroplasty study
43 BragonzoniKinematical patterns through Dynamic RSA reflected clinical outcomes improvement during at two years follow-up
44 KosterIs there a difference in kinematics between a symmetrical and an asymmetrical TKA? Fluoroscopic analysis of movements in patients included in an RCT RSA trial

Key note:
7:50 Halifax / 12:50 Oslo / 20:20 Adelaide

Henrik OlivercronaComputer Tomography based Motion analysis: Where are we now?

Break / Industry
8:10 Halifax / 13:10 Oslo / 20:40 Adelaide

Break / Industry

Session 9: CT based
8:15 Halifax / 13:15 Oslo / 20:45 Adelaide

ChairKjell Gunnar Nilsson & Stephan Röhrl (ABSTRACTS)
45 BrodénA three-dimensional CT technique to assess early implant migration and radiolucent lines in total shoulder arthroplasty
46 AngelomenosPrecision measurements of CTMA and RSA methods. Can the former replace the latter?
47 HansenMovement of the Sacroiliac (SI) joint, a pilot study comparing RSA with the Sectra Implant Movement Analysis (IMA) using a low dose CT for high accuracy measurement
48 PoulsenPrecision of computer tomography based micromotion analysis of the Lisfranc joint: a pilot study
49 KvammeInitial experiences with CT-IMA in selected cases of the hip and knee
50 StigbrandImplant migration and bone mineral density changes can be measured simultaneously with low-dose CT scans – a prospective study on 17 acetabular revisions with impaction bone grafting

8:50 Halifax / 13:50 Oslo / 21:20 Adelaide

Rob NelissenResearch perspective with RSA, Industry and new Medical Device Regulation (Safety vs Research)

Session 10: Uni knee
9:10 Halifax / 14:10 Oslo / 21:40 Adelaide

ChairMichael Dunbar & Justin van Leeuwen (ABSTACTS)
51 PasmaEarly migration in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty with the Persona® Partial Knee: a radiostereometric study with 2 years of follow-up
52 MosegaardComparison of cementless double-peg, cemented single-peg and cemented double-peg femoral component migration after medial Oxford unicompartmental knee replacement – A 5-year randomized RSA study.
53 KoppensMid-term tibial component fixation of a fixed-bearing and a mobile-bearing cemented unicompartmental knee replacement. A randomized controlled RSA study with 5-year follow-up.

Session 11: Revision
9:30 Halifax / 14:30 Oslo / 22:00 Adelaide

ChairFinnur Snorrason & Lars Nordsletten (ABSTRACTS)
54 CallaryThe importance of press-fit and three-point fixation in treating large acetabular defects with porous tantalum components
55 MillsLong-term micromotion of fully cemented versus hybrid fixation in revision total knee arthroplasty: a 10-year radiostereometric analysis RCT
56 LaarhovenMicromotion of a cemented hinged-type knee revision system – 1 year results with model-based RSA

Closing Session
9:50 Halifax / 14:50 Oslo / 22:20 Adelaide

The End!
10:00 Halifax / 15:00 Oslo / 22:30 Adelaide

End of the conferenceSome time to drink thee, coffee or beer!