Program Tuesday May 11

Check in & Welcome
7:00 Halifax / 12:00 Oslo / 19:30 Adelaide

ChairStephan Röhrl
Stephan RöhrlWelcome day 2

Session 4: Various
7:16 Halifax / 12:16 Oslo / 19:46 Adelaide

ChairRob Nelissen & Berte Bøe (ABSTRACTS)
18 PoulsenMobility after unstable Lisfranc injury treated with temporary bridge plate fixation
19 AlmTrochanteric fractures treated with sliding hip screw with or without trochanteric stabilizing plate
20 FraserStable glenoid component of reversed shoulder arthroplasty at 2 years measured with model-based RSA
21 Di PaoloDynamic Radiostereometry Evaluation of Two Different Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Techniques: Does Single Bundle Reconstruction plus Lateral Plasty Cause Knee Over-Constraint?
22 ThillemannPress-fit fixation of a conical shaped trapezium cup is superior in cortical compared to cancellous bone: A radiostereometric analysis in a pig bone model

Key note:
7:45 Halifax / 12:45 Oslo / 20:15 Adelaide

Erik FosseIntervention center and new technology

Break / Industry
8:05 Halifax / 13:05 Oslo / 20:35 Adelaide

Break / Industry

Session 5: Method
8:10 Halifax / 13:10 Oslo / 20:40 Adelaide

ChairJohan Kärrholm & Stephan Röhrl (ABSTRACTS)
23 PijlsThe full migration pattern of tibial components is associated with aseptic loosening: introducing MTPMe-max (MTPM Estimated Maximum)
24 NiesenReorienting the Tibial Baseplate Improves the Registration Accuracy of Model-Based Radiostereometric Analysis
25 Zhuang KangFemoral prosthesis design and patient positioning during RSA examination do influence accuracy and precision of MBRSA-EGS
26 BeltRSA in revision TKA: difficulties and recommendations
27 NiesenPropagation of Registration Errors into the Change in Maximum Total Point Motion to Analyze Tibial Baseplate Stability at Two Years Using Marker-Based and Model Based RSA
28 NiesenPropagation of Registration Error into Maximum Total Point Motion to Analyze Tibial Baseplate Stability at Six Months Using Marker-Based and Model-Based RSA

Session 6: Wear
8:45 Halifax / 13:45 Oslo / 21:15 Adelaide

ChairLars Nordsletten & Bernhard Flatøy (ABSTRACTS)
29 ThoenResults of a randomized controlled trial with five-¬year radiostereometric analysis of Vitamin E-¬infused highly crosslinked versus moderately crosslinked polyethylene in reverse hybrid total hip arthroplasty
30 BergvinssonVitamin-E doped polyethylene show superior wear pattern compared with conventional polyethylene in cemented cups. A randomized 5-year RSA study
31 JohannessenPolyethylene wear in total hip arthroplasty; comparing Oxinium and CoCr femoral heads using radiostereometry with 10 years follow-up.
32 CampbellLow wear of thin second-generation highly cross-linked polyethylene liners with large articulations at ten years

RSA Work Groups
9:10 Halifax / 14:10 Oslo / 21:40 Adelaide

Threshold TKA
Threshold THA

Session 7: e-Poster
9:30 Halifax / 14:30 Oslo / 22:00 Adelaide

ChairStephan Röhrl (ABSTRACTS)
34 BalesarMigration of the BioPro MTP-1 hemiarthroplasty analysed with Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis: A Pilot Study
35 MirullaIn vivo biomechanics assessment of a CR total knee prosthesis during sit to stand: coupling dynamic RSA and FE analysis
36 HurryMethodology for Tracking Scoliosis Spine Fusion in a Standing Low-Dose Biplanar X-ray Imager using RSA
37 Jürgens-LahnsteinStable polyethylene fixation and low polyethylene wear-rate in fixed-bearing total knee arthroplasty at 5-6 years follow-up
38 Dahl VindMigration pattern of cemented Exeter Short Stem in Dorr type A femurs – A prospective radiostereometry study with 2-year follow-up

ZOOM social time
10:05 Halifax / 15:05 Oslo / 22:35 Adelaide

End of day 2. Some time to drink thee, coffee or beer!